Starbucks Odyssey Launches Limited-Edition NFTs, Sells Out in 18 Minutes

• Starbucks Odyssey, the coffee company’s Web3 loyalty program, released its first limited edition NFT called Stamps.
• The 2,000-item “Siren Collection” features a version of the company’s iconic Siren and members were able to buy two stamps each.
• Despite issues with accessing the site, the collection sold out in 18 minutes and secondary sales quickly soared.

Starbucks Odyssey Launches ‘The Siren Collection’

Starbucks Odyssey, the rewards program currently in beta, has released its first limited-edition non-fungible token (NFT) drop: “The Siren Collection.” This edition of 2,000 featured the brand’s iconic siren was purchasable by up to two members at $100 per stamp.

Issues Accessing Site

At launch, customers experienced difficulty accessing the site and encountered error messages due to overwhelming traffic. Despite these issues, “The Siren Collection” still sold out within 18 minutes.

Secondary Sales Soar

Following its initial drop on the platform, prices for individual Stamps from “The Siren Collection” have skyrocketed on secondary markets – reaching as high as $550 per Stamp.

Unlocking Journeys

NFT Stamps that members have unlocked from completing Journeys are also available for sale on Nifty Gateway. This feature allows users to use their earned stamps in exchange for exclusive items or experiences such as digital collectibles or discounts off future purchases.

Beta Testing Program

Starbucks Odyssey is currently an invitation-only beta program that rewards users with Stamps when they complete activities such as quizzes or making purchases in store. Members can collect their Stamps or resell them on Nifty Gateway – providing an interactive experience between customers and content creators alike.