Ledger’s Struggle to Balance PR and Security Revealed

• Ledger, a French hardware crypto wallet provider, has promised to accelerate their open-sourcing roadmap and delay the launch of its private key recovery service due to criticism from the crypto community.
• Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier addressed privacy and data protection concerns raised surrounding Ledger Recover during media appearances.
• After a week of controversy, Ledger is on a PR offensive and is prepared to make changes to its approach.

Ledger’s PR Struggle

Hardware crypto wallet provider Ledger has been facing criticism from the crypto community over their upcoming key recovery service. In response, they have delayed the launch of this service and promised to accelerate their open-sourcing roadmap in order to address the privacy and data protection concerns that have been raised.

Uncomfortable Trade-Offs for Crypto Storage

Ledger is now on a PR offensive, with executives making several media appearances in order to address these issues. During one such event (a Twitter Spaces session), Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier said “Everybody is very sad at Ledger when you yell at us. But it’s okay because we get better and we will always strive to be good servants of the community”.

Continued Adjustments for Open Source Code

Ledger has stated that they are willing to make changes in order to ensure security protections and data privacy for users who store their cryptocurrencies on their wallets. This includes accelerating their open-sourcing roadmap – making parts of their code open source – as well as delaying the launch of their private key recovery service until further adjustments can be made.

Outreach Efforts by CEO

In order to demonstrate these efforts, CEO Pascal Gauthier has been engaging with the public via multiple media outlets including CoinDesk TV where he discussed how “we want our customers not only [to] trust our technology but also trust our intentions” regarding user data privacy for storage solutions like those offered by Ledger wallets.

A Commitment To Privacy Protection

Ultimately, it appears that ledgers commitment is focused on ensuring security protections for users who store cryptocurrencies with them while also attempting to demonstrate transparency around how user data is handled when stored in its wallets.