Do Kwon to Remain in Montenegro Custody While Extradition Request Considered

• Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon is to remain in Montenegro custody for six months while the country’s courts consider an extradition request from South Korea.
• The Podgorica High Court had approved bail for a case involving document forgery, however Kwon still faces possible jail time in Montenegro over the document forgery case.
• South Korean officials have requested his extradition as well as the US.

Do Kwon to Remain in Custody

The Podgorica High Court approved bail for a case involving document forgery, but a South Korean extradition request is set to keep Terraform Labs founder Do Kwon in jail. Courts in Montenegro will consider the extradition request over a period of six months while Kwon remains in custody.

South Korean Extradition Request

Kwon and fellow Terra executive Han Chang-Joon were arrested in March due to their alleged possession of falsified documents. In response, South Korea has requested their extradition, along with a similar request from the US. The two are scheduled to appear before a court on Friday regarding the charges against them.

Possible Jail Time

In addition to facing possible extradiction, both men could be subject to jail time within Montenegro due to the document forgery charges that they face. This would be regardless of whether or not they are extradicted back to their home country of South Korea.

Terra Community AMA

In April 2021, Kwon participated in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session hosted by Terra Community, one month prior to his arrest and subsequent detention by Montenegrin authorities..


Do Kwan remains detained within Montenegro while his fate with regards to extradiction is decided upon by local courts over the course of six months. He also faces potential jail time within Montenegro due to charges related to document forging alongside fellow executive Han Chang-Joon who was arrested at the same time as him