A Comprehensive Guide to Fake GPS for Pokemon Go

Are you a huge Pokemon Go fan? Are you looking to catch the entire collection? If so you’ve been aware of fake GPS in Pokemon Go. Fake GPS is a program that tricks your phone into thinking you’re in another area. This is useful in the event that you want to locate rare Pokemon or participate in a particular event being held in a particular region. Fake GPS can also aid you in create eggs and earn additional rewards in Pokemon Go. This article we’ll explain everything you need be aware of when it comes to counterfeit GPS used in Pokemon Go.

What is Fake GPS?

Fake GPS can be described as an application designed to make your location appear fake. It lets you change your location to anyplace in the world, but without traveling there. This is useful when the game Pokemon Go, as it lets you find rare Pokemon as well as participate during special activities, create eggs, and earn greater rewards.

Benefits of Using Fake GPS

There are many advantages when you use a counterfeit GPS to play Pokemon Go. It is the first benefit. It allows you to travel to locations that you otherwise would not be able to travel to, like other countries where the game isn’t accessible. Additionally, it allows you to get access to exclusive Pokemon or special events only available in specific areas. In addition, it lets you make eggs quicker than you’d normally be in a position to. Additionally, it lets you to reap more rewards than you’d typically be in a position to.

How to Use Fake GPS

The process of using a fake GPS to play Pokemon Go is fairly straightforward. The first step is to download and install an authentic GPS application. After that, you must define your preferred location. After you’ve set your location, you are able to begin play Pokemon Go. However, it’s important to be aware that certain games may require that you activate GPS spoofing or mock locations in the settings of your phone.

Best Fake GPS Apps for Pokemon Go

There are a variety of fake GPS apps in Pokemon Go. But, the most well-known ones are Fake GPS Go, Mock GPS along with Fake GPS JoyStick. Each app has distinct capabilities and is able to connect to different locations.

Tips for Using Fake GPS

If you are using a fake GPS to play Pokemon Go, it is crucial to be aware of the following guidelines. The first is to make sure the application you’re using is current. It is also important to switch off GPS and Wi-Fi when you use the app as this will keep the location of your device from getting traced. It is also important to keep in mind that certain locations could get blocked in the course of playing, which is why it is crucial to confirm prior to setting a area.

Troubleshooting Fake GPS

If you’re having issues getting a the fake GPS to play Pokemon Go, there are some options you can try. First, restart your device, and then try it again. Then, you could test using a different fake GPS application. Also, switch the device’s GPS and Wi-Fi to determine whether it helps.


Fake GPS devices for Pokemon Go could be an excellent way to gain access to rare Pokemon and participate in events that are special, and make eggs more quickly. But, it’s important to make sure you utilize the app with caution since it could be identified in the game. It is also important to ensure that the app you’re using is current and remember to disable GPS and Wi-Fi while using the application. With these guidelines in mind, you will be able to take advantage of false GPS to play Pokemon Go.